Keeper of Secrets remain popular, as they should, theyre still powerful even if you can’t summon a ton of them. Hopefully by Adepticon we’ll be able to get a better idea of what these armies can do. Marines) was 5th Edition Grey Knights, who got around 25% of Top 10 placings in big tournaments like Adepticon at their prime. Couple of notes: The Warhammer GT didn’t publish subfactions like the other tournaments, and Las Vegas open was the only tournament to not allow the new Disciples of Tzeentch and Kharadron Overlords tome, which has a major effect on the results. GW seems to have gotten smarter about acknowledging when balances are needed and responding in kind. ©  2020 Goonhammer. It can’t be ignored: Ossiarch Bonereapers are terrifying and their popularity is something that is going to have to be seriously worked around. The Hype was Overblown – There was a lotof fear around Ossiarch Bonereapers, particularly Petrifix Elite, going into the tournaments. I think we’ll see some more uniformity in lists as people figure out what works and what doesn’t. So what happened? Stepping into the medieval fantasy of Age of Sigmar, here are the top AoS armies that deserve some appreciation. It was one of the last books of “1.0” Age of Sigmar and so it transistioned to 2.0 quite well but it’s showing its age. Yet in every case, only 1 list made it to the top 8 in each case. After the weekend I hope to take a look at what lists won and get a better idea of where the meta has ended up. In today’s article, I’ll look at what we can gleam from the submitted lists and then next week I’ll take a look back at the results once both tournaments have ended. That’s a lot of changes in 4 months! Skaven use the Grey-Seer and Plague Priest backed up with as many Plague Monks as they can. Legions of Nagash was a strong book when it came out, particularly papa Nagash himself. While I will not be attending LVO this year (look for me at Adepticon and Nova), I could not help but look and see what the field looks like right now. I had left out one major tournament in Part 1 of my analysis, the Warhammer GT at Warhammer world so I’m going to include that here as well. Cut the number of teleports from the Changehost Battalion from 2 units to 1. Fyreslayers, Cities of Sigmar and Seraphon maintain a respectable win ratio. 1. Most lists include at least one Crawler or Harvester (often both) and Necropolis Stalkers are very popular for “elite units”. Both these battletomes have potential. The combination of ranged attacks, movement and rend makes them a pretty strong counter to the OBR heavy meta. Several lists have an Icebrow Hunter hero with Frost Sabres for outflanking, while some lists have gone all in and use nothing but Frost Sabres. Seraphon hold their own without even having a true battletome so they will likely be a sight to see once they have a full ruleset backing them. Even without the buff, Ossiarch Bonereapers are strong, they possess access to rend, the first real ranged attacks of the faction (if one ignores Tomb Kings are technically useable in some events) and even before the buff granted by Petrifix, above-average saves. The team at Best Coast Pairings have kindly agreed to share the list data with me as well as provide a full PDFof the lists. About the only downside is board control, they’re pretty slow and generally have a low model count but that’s small comfort when even their basic troops are nearly impossible to dislodge without a lot of rend. I have a couple of theories. Follow along with the event over the weekend on Best Coast Pairings for live results and lists. The one unifying unit seems to be the Frostlord on Stonehorn, for absolutely brutal charges that Ogors are all about. So I’m going to put all the cards on the table first and then open with my discussion. On Thursday night the new Lumineth Realm-Lords, Teclis’ Light Elves have finally been announced which leaves a lot of room open for new battletomes to shift things yet again in the near future. The general strategy was to bring as many Keeper of Secrets as one could and use the wounds they deal and take to summon more Keepers. There’s no ignoring that Tzeentch did extremely well over the weekend and it’s been explained to death as to why.