Encounters are not random, there are tons of fully orchestrated songs, the card based battle system is simple and enjoyable, the story will not take less than 50 hours to complete, there is a huge amount of different cards for you to customize your deck for battle, and the story is one of the best. Baten Kaitos - Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean (USA) (Disc 2) Description: Image: Size: 1GB: Download: Register to Download this file: Rating But Baten Kaitos is a very beautiful RPG, as often stated, the most beautiful GameCube made. Baten Kaitos does a lot of things right. Further development is currently undecided at this point." Of particular note are two major RPG titles published by Namco, Xenosaga DS and Baten Kaitos DS. Could it be back, though? I remember seeing an article on Baten Kaitos DS which was pretty funny considering I thought the gameplay mechanics would be superb when using the DS' touchscreen when I … However, both quickly disappeared again. The folk at NeoGAF noticed that on Bandai Namco's Japanese release list page the name Baten Kaitos DS once again appeared, along with an unnamed Xbox 360 project. "The Baten Kaitos DS project has been stopped once.