196flavors.com. Using a blender, mix ice cream and papaya until well blended. A Brazilian dessert. When it came time for dessert, the waiter recommended their papaya creme, which was a blend of papaya and vanilla ice cream with creme de cassis. 9. I was sure it was a super-cheat recipe, but saved the email anyway. Papaya and vanilla ice cream with creme de cassis, a black current liqueur. DIRECTIONS. What is it: A dessert made of papaya and vanilla ice-cream, was immensely sought after in Brazil during the second half of the 90s, though its popularity has reduced in the present times. This slightly sweet, yet fresh blend of papaya, crème de cassis and fruit is rounded out with a hint of vanilla in fresh tropical decadence. TOP: Papaya, Crème de Cassis MIDDLE: Rhubarb, RaspberryBASE: Vanilla, White Woods Drizzle crème de cassis on top. Mix papaya with Cassis (which is made from blackcurrants) in this easy dessert! Creme de Papaya- Famous Brazilian Dessert. A month later, I dined at Fogo de Chao - Beverly Hills. How about making a Brazilian dessert? Creme de Papaya is a delicious way to use up the rest of the papaya. Pour creamy mixture into tall chilled dessert glasses. At least that’s what I’ve read. In Brazil, Creme de Papaya is served after a meal to aid in digestion.