Business architecture aims to define what the organisation should look like and how the elements of which it is comprised (i.e. As a discipline, it has a broad scope. As a practice, teams typically … A knowledge of the Business Architecture is a prerequisite for architecture work in any other domain (Data, Applications, Technology), and is therefore the first architecture activity that needs to be undertaken, if not catered for already in other organizational processes (enterprise planning, strategic business planning, business … Systems are a class of software that provide foundational services and automation. its capabilities, processes, locations, employees, systems and so on) should … Enterprise architecture is the process by which organizations standardize and organize IT infrastructure to aligns with business goals. A well articulated Business Architecture is the cornerstone for a successful outcome of the overall Enterprise Architecture. ... For example, if a business layer knows nothing of how data is stored than you can change your database without any changes to your business … Business architecture is the analysis and design of business strategy, structures, capabilities, processes and metrics. It defines the business drivers, the business strategy, operational models, goals and objectives that the organization must have to achieve transition in a potentially competitive and disruptive business … System architecture is the structural design of systems.