Examples of division of labour … Adam Smith presents his hypothesis of division of labor in his work The Wealth of Nation.The book was published under a longer title which was An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of Wealth of Nations in 1776 for the first time.. The division of labour occurs when the production process of a […] His most important contribution to Economics is the Invisible hand. His account is perhaps the most famous description of an industrial process in the history of economic thought. (iii) Division of Labor stimulates Inventions. The Ancient Theories on Division of Labor Adam Smith. Adam Smith is one of the greatest economics known who lived from the year 1723 to 1790. Dalam beberapa karya-karyanya, Adam Smith cukup banyak memberikan perhatian pada produktivitas tenaga kerja. Division of labour is the term first used in Adam Smith’s the Wealth of Nations to describe the separation of manufacturing process into distinct and simple operations which are then delegated to specific hands or machines to perform. He was a british moral philosopher. Adam Smith - Division of Labour Adam smith is considered as the Father of Economics. Smith explored the various advantages of the division of labor. Adam Smith’s description of the pin factory, with which he begins The Wealth of Nations, introduces the fundamental economic concept of the division of labour. Adam Smith Division of Labor Summary . Quoting from Adam smith's Wealth of Nation: "The division of labor by reducing every man business to some one simple operation and by making this operation the sole employment of his life necessarily increases very much the dexterity of the worker". Adam Smith himself recognised this potential problem and advocated education of the workforce so that they wouldn’t get too demoralised by their repetitive job. Specialisation occurs when a country/business decides to focus on making a particular good/service. He engaged in many works in the economics field where he had major contributions in the theory of the division of labor. Dari hasil pengamatanya yang cukup mendalam, Smith mengambil kesimpulan bahwa produktivitas tenaga kerja dapat ditingkatkan melalui pembagian kerja (division of labour).Pembagian kerja akan mendorong spesialisasi; orang akan memilih mengerjakan yang terbaik sesuai dengan … A) Specialisation and the division of labour: reference to Adam Smith: Adam Smith was a key economist during the 1700s and was best known for his book, the wealth of nations.