This should not be a concern, but you need to make sure that there is no algae growth, as this can harm your fish, Tank Mates The Ember Tetra is very Under good conditions, the tetra can live up to 2-3 years. Hello. The Ember Tetra is an eye catching fish that will light up any aquarium, and its temperament makes it a great choice for any community tank. I was wondering what tank mates are compatible for ember tetras.I would like to buy some in the future but since they are so small, a larger fish might be able to eat them. Ember tetra Tank mates Image by Gordon Axmann from commons Wikimedia Selecting right tank mates for your Ember Tetras is essential. EMBER TETRA TANK MATES Those who are interested in choosing different species for a community tank would wonder whether Ember Tetra can live with Bettas. Since they are committed to the middle layer, the bottom The ember tetra fish (Scientific name: Hyphessobrycon amandae) belongs to the characin family and is classified under freshwater vertebrate. The answer is yes. You can consider ember tetras and bettas to Ember tetras can make excellent betta tank mates if you’re looking to create a bright and beautiful community tank. Tank Mates for Ember Tetra: We have learned that they are friendly, peaceful, and community fish: They get along well with other species of similar nature, size, and type. Also, Ember Tetra have the tendency to eat from the plants in the aquarium. These little fish grow to just under one inch in length with elongated body shape. Ember Tetra has a forked tail which is like the dorsal fin, is decorated with light specks. They are peaceful and friendly fish in the community. These hyperactive and very small in size (2cm – 0.8 inch) fishes are perfect tank mates with most of the other types of aqua pets.