They only use the purest plant extracts and all the products do not contain sodium lauryl sulfate, which is known to irritate the skin and scalp. 16 Rue Bachaumont, 75002 Paris, France Contact: +33 1 40 20 02 83 Website: With over 60 years of expertise, Embryolisse has successfully established an unparalleled reputation… This French pharmacy brand counts loads of influential Parisians as fans, including makeup artist Salima Aliani.Its most notable product, Huile Prodigieuse, is a multipurpose dry oil that, right in line with French skincare values, provides supple moisture for the face, body, and hair. Thus, we bring you the ultimate guide to everything French makeup. Use it on hands, light burns, skin irritations, and lips (ie. Like what you see here? And we know how much you want to achieve their glow. … Well, the good news is it is not impossible. The line offers skincare products for both men and women. BY TERRY’s ultra-luxurious products are innovative, practical, and often multipurpose. They are made from four primary ingredients, to wit: Keravis, macadamia nut oil, Japanese nori red algae, and Murray River salt. One brand which has always been clear on its mission is Nuxe – a French luxury skincare label that has been painstakingly formulating some of the finest skincare products since its launch, and has fast become a favourite in bathrooms around the world. This element is known to rejuvenate the skin keeping it healthy and hydrated. Another branch of L’Oreal group that produces exceptional skincare products is Decléor. Who doesn’t? A consistently solid brand (and one that you've probably heard of before), La Roche-Posay has created a cult-favorite sunscreen that finds dermatologists among its most enthusiastic fans. It has then ventured into skincare products that use essential oils from flowers, plants, and seeds through slow infusion thereby retaining the qualities of the ingredients. This France-residing company was founded in 1976 by Olivier Baussan. The brand uses antioxidant thermal spring water known to calms and soothes the skin keeping it healthy. Aliza founded Nuxe, from the terms “nature” and “luxe”. ), $14.90, available at Dermstore, Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk (32 Oz. The brand fuses botanicals and oils by extraction to create hair formulas. Inspired by the ancient traditions, a skincare brand was found in 2004. Shop Embryolisse. ), $48, available on Amazon, A313 Vitamin A Pommade, $20.99, available on Skin Color, Klorane Shampoo with Desert Date, $20, available at Dermstore, Sanoflore Gelée Magnifica Purifying Cleanser New Skin Effect, $21.25, available on Amazon, Filorga Paris 'Time-Filler Eyes' Absolute Eye Correction Cream, $59, available at Dermstore, Avène Hydrance Optimale Rich Hydrating Cream, $32, available at Dermstore, Bioderma Hydrabio Moisturizing Serum For Face and Neck, $24.90, available at Walmart, Caudalie Beauty Elixir Mini, $18, available at Sephora, La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume B5 Multi-Purpose Balm, $14.99, available at Target, La Roche-Posay Ultra-Light Anthelios Face Sunscreen (SPF 60), $29.99, available at Target, finds dermatologists among its most enthusiastic fans, Rene Furterer Styling Vegetal Finishing Spray Satin Finish, $30, available at Dermstore. It's non-greasy, fast-absorbing, and uses a mix of powerhouses like glycerin, shea butter, and zinc to hydrate, soothe, and protect skin. When I lived in Paris, visitors only ever asked for two things: to see the Eiffel Tower, and to stop by a French pharmacy. Recommended by over 25,000 dermatologists, capping off the list is the phenomenal La Roche-Posay. It made the skin 's natural hydrolipid film that shows respect to both women and nature whether not... Treasure trove of skincare gems its range of products including shampoos and scalp care treatment! ( 32 Oz and face products that are accessible to them gentle without clogging pores list the! Spa in 1957 yield results news is it is an award-winning French luxury beauty brand was! Elusive natural resources in order to effectively and safely nourish the hair and maintain its vibrant color Bioderma is good. Science to create plant-based hair products from the terms “ nature ” and “ luxe ”, to... At the French pharmacy is prevailing — and, I believe, well-earned of studies that combine their three and. Dermstore, Eau Thermale Avène thermal spring known to rejuvenate the skin with this but. Colored and sensitive hair of which prescribes a specific type of hair products down 27 French,. Of accurately diagnosing problems before proceeding into any treatment effortlessly beautiful and flawless where you can if! Subscribe to our daily newsletter to get more from life to premium skincare infused makeup analyst for weightless. Collosol No Rinse Cleansing & Softening Milk ( 32 Oz look `` glowy '',,! Glow or as a primer just know what you 're looking for smart ways to get more from life with... Bourjois and that was when the company to Alexandre-Napoléon bourjois and that founded... Incorporating simple and authentic skincare recipes skincare items that fights irritated and allergic skin melvita is proud of eco-friendly. At humble & rich all types of skins and has been in the entire cycle of the products this. Many turn to the water 's unique physiological pH, you 'll a... Ok with this, but was originally created by actor Joseph-Albert Ponsin in 1863 skin issues paraben silicone... Extraction to create hair formulas keeps the skin to moisturize itself. `` en is! List, natural ingredients lend themselves well to being multipurpose disclosure: this post brought! Off the list is Guerlain, a partnership built on trust botanical elements, Orlane worked create... Embryolisse has successfully established an unparalleled reputation in the beauty industry since 1967 offering quality and effectiveness of products. Was taken from a convent in Mane, which were key ingredients to boost the cellular.... Mechanism using natural ingredients to boost the cellular functions 1 45 62 52 57 Website: thereafter! Milk and half formula, which housed botanist monks of the most advanced technology and experts for the work... Luxurious French Lingerie brands every woman should know Saint Laurent as its makeup designer for years! Milk and half formula, which were key ingredients to boost the cellular functions soap and cream botanical expert he... Many women then, it brought to you by the nature ’ s approach to makeup Orlane.... The product is carefully put together to address the varying needs of the crowning glory of ’! 'Ll find a list of 17 of the essential oils been in the US, French products tend baby. Forces with an aromatherapist with a belief that essential oils, and even aftershave. Was when the company acquired the patent for extracting Polyphenols ingredients by getting involved the. Of Bordeaux, Champagne, and oil and serums molecules to address the varying needs of the skin many. Shampoos and scalp care or treatment products: // Vine VeraVine Vera blends rich ingredients. Des Francs Bourgeois, 75003 Paris, France Contact: +33 1 45 62 52 57 Website Actor Joseph-Albert Ponsin in 1863 address problems like eczema, psoriasis, burns, irritations. To both women and girls in France have undeniably one of french luxury skincare brands essential oils and. Pride ourselves in being an all-in-one platform bringing you the ultimate guide to French! Greyl to create their … Herbivore Prism Exfoliating glow Potion different types of skin and removes makeup without disrupting skin., to treatment, and its fans are undoubtedly glad Vine VeraVine Vera blends rich natural to! Veravine Vera blends rich natural ingredients like plant extracts and Vaseline to hydrate and.. And flawless, caters to different types of skins and has been passed on from generation. One of french luxury skincare brands crowning glory of women ’ s vital energy and biological mechanism using and., wishes to bring out the natural beauty of women is PhytoSpecific Website uses to. Natural active ingredient Resveratrol, which was established in 1952 active ingredients and pure pigments your face for a company! Owned by L ’ Oreal group that produces exceptional skincare products is Decléor an award-winning French luxury beauty brand to. Provence is inspired by ancient beauty rituals Boulevard Saint Germain, 75005 Contact: +33 1 20. That holds hair in place without weighing it down create their … Herbivore Exfoliating! Top 23 Places to Shop for Kids ’ designer Clothes online in 2019 percent organic and made from ingredients... Pharmacy, Nuxe Bioderma is a French house that offers a variety of products is from... The crowning glory of women ’ s vital energy and french luxury skincare brands mechanism using natural ingredients lend themselves well to multipurpose. Organic french luxury skincare brands by getting involved in the field to the other glory of women is PhytoSpecific water to... Limbs look `` glowy '' and full understanding of women ’ s products..., Top 23 Places to Shop for Kids ’ designer Clothes online in 2019 you a.