That goes for one … This review will be about the Ichiran Instant Ramen. Additionally, our original aged "Spicy Red Sauce" is a chili-powder based blend of 30 different ingredients that is added to our ramen … After operating a single restaurant for nearly three decades, the … This is no ordinary instant ramen. 3. Therefore it’s much cheaper to buy from these resellers than from Don Don Donki. ICHIRAN's special raw noodles are made from a unique blend of quality flours, with the foremost consideration being synergy with our soup. This works out to HKD$30 per packet of instant ramen… “ICHIRAN, the ramen chain founded in Fukuoka, Japan, in 1960, is known not just for the quality of its tonkotsu broth, but also for its individual booths, allowing for sequestered slurping. They come in packs of five and cost between $30 to $35. Japan – You can buy Ichiran Ramen instant noodles easily in Japan at Ichiran … Hello! Ichiran was originally founded in Fukuoka, Japan, which is known as the mecca of pork bone-based ramen soup in 1966. For starters, a box of five costs a whopping HKD$150.