Rishiri island lies in the … “Shin” stands for “Integrity”, one of the core principles of Samurai tradition. Mizunara oak … It also has suggestions of the Mizunara oak … Kaiyo Japanese Mizunara Oak Whisky. Chivas Mizunara is a perfect marriage of Scottish craft and Japanese tradition. Chivas Mizunara Blended Scotch Whisky. Its aroma has hints of tropical fruits, orange peel, and other dried fruits. With this, Japanese coopers and whisky makers sought a domestic alternative to mature whisky in and found it in Japanese oak, more popularly identified as mizunara oak, which had been used in the craftsmanship of exclusive, luxury furniture. The unique taste of Japanese whisky can be amplified by Mizunara - Japanese oak. This rare oak gives gentle aromatic flavours; the resulting whisky … The Shin Malt Whisky is crafted by Mr. Ken Usami, the master blender of Shinobu Distillery who selected finest malt whiskies and finished them in casks made of Japanese Oak, Mizunara Wood. Shin Malt Whiskies are well balanced between the woody flavor and incense of sandalwood from Mizunara Oak … And, Suntory has been known to use umeshu (plum wine) casks. The major distinction between Japanese whisky … The name of this whiskey, Kaiyo, means ‘ocean’ in Japanese. Winds from the Sea of Japan. It is a malted barley whiskey with a dark gold color. Hokkaido, where Rishiri lays off, is famous for its Mizunara. Japanese oak (mizunara) is used as well, imparting a sandalwood incense-like flavor to the whiskey. 4.2 Stars. The world’s first Scotch whisky selectively finished in Japanese Mizunara oak casks.