Your email address will not be published. To read a more in depth explanation of Roland’s SuperNATURAL, click here. You can also pick your piano in terms of portability or how it looks. Required fields are marked *. Đàn piano điện Roland RP-102 với kích thước 54-5 / 16 inch (W) x 16-5 / 16 inch (D) x 38-1 / 2 inch (H) trong khi Kawai KDP-70 có kích thước nhỏ hơn chỉ 53.5” (W) x 15.7” (D) x 33.5”(H). - Parties, Tours, Projects & More... Information - - Concerts, News,FAQs, Archives, ... Disklavier parts needed for Yamaha Mark 3 Disklavier. Your email address will not be published. Am looking to buy Kawai KDP-70 or KDP-110, this will be my first digital piano, till now i was a Novation Launchkey 61 MIDI keyboard, but it is not much effective in using it for practicing western classical piano (1st Grade, Alfred Piano) with a software. This combined with their Responsive Hammer keyboard action allows you to play with incredible expression. Discount was $95. ", Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos This site uses cookies to provide and improve your shopping experience. "I agree that the User Manual is very good. This was 958. It’s also worth noting that Roland offer a 10 year warranty on their HP, LX and GP ranges. This means that one of our experienced in-house piano delivery teams will deliver and install it into your property free of charge, and we’ll even take away the packaging. Dear J Tate, you can get everything about $1000. Kawai use their own Harmonic Imaging technology to ensure you get a great response when playing. Our Blackburn store is closed for visiting but is open for click & collect orders. Please Pass It On! They’ve also sampled three of the best European acoustic grand pianos for a classic sound. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Never having played, I am excited to purchase my first piano and get started very soon! Thank you for purchasing this Kawai digital piano. I have a Roland HP 704. The for CLP600 series, Yamaha introduced their newest and most authentic keyboard action to date – GrandTouch. Again, there’s the full range of instruments from stage pianos to larger cabinets like the CS and CA series. Around the £400-600 mark they also have some great sounding and playing pianos. Note velocities are also smooth to give better dynamic response and how the sound decays is more natural. It’s also worth mentioning that some digital pianos include free home installation. Kawai produces 2 models called the ES110 ($699US internet price - stand optional), and the newer KDP70 ($899 price) and they are good for piano playing realism. Also willing to look at Yamaha and Kawai options that are priced close to our budget too. Up until now the Kawai piano company has not had a stationary home digital piano cabinet model under $1000. The Roland is 30 pounds, heavier than others, but the feel is really nice. All brands offer stage pianos that are easier to transport, as well as the more traditional designs. Fun Stuff! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I had at one time a Yamaha P105. Kích thước đàn piano điện Roland RP102 & Kawai KDP-70. Looking for a good tone and action A great competitor of the Kawai ES110 is the Roland FP30, both keyboards are very similar, they have functions suitable for a pianist, however, the main differences are: The polyphony of the Kawai ES110 is 192 notes, while that of the Roland FP30 is 128. Also if space is an issue, look at some of the more compact slimline pianos. Kim 949-940-6945. Roland offer a huge range, from high quality beginner stage pianos like the FP-30 all the way up to the GP607 digital grand piano. We’re frequently asked, “which digital piano brand is best?” to which, there is no firm answer as it’s based on preference. When you have a chance, play the Casio PX-series. Please post your comments & reviews Cancel reply. Taylor Guitars: Made In Mexico vs USA – What Are The Differences? Depending on which model you opt for, you’ll likely have a slightly different piano sound. Each note on the keyboard can give you up to 128 different tonal options, depending on how hard you press the key down. I informed the small store owner I was patronizing his business instead of buying from Sweetwater, and asked for a 10% discount. The studio monitor is 10 pounds easy to travel with. Roland FP 30 digital piano comes with a black Roland KSC 70 stand and KPD 70 Pedal board. I think the controls are limited, but the low end studio monitor does add some equalizer capability (not much).