REEDWOOD. Hi welcome to redwoodtreecare my name is dave I specialise in all aspects of tree work and garden maintenance with very competitive prices ☰ Log-in ... Redwood Treecare rated for Bricklayer in … Shaping & Pruning . The dawn redwood is a true redwood… The Dawn Redwood is a true Redwood. Tree Service and Shrub Care in the Redwood City, CA Area . Our arborists are experts in diagnosing and treating tree and shrub problems specific to the Redwood … ... Redwood … Mulching Installation . ABOUT US. After the tree's rediscovery in 1940s, the seeds were introduced in the U.S. where the dawn redwood has become a popular ornamental tree … professional tree care . The tallest tree in the world is a Coast Redwood. Care guide for Redwood Bonsai trees The Dawn Redwood comes from China and is deciduous, while the Coast Redwood is native to the coastal regions of northern California and Oregon and is evergreen. Hardscape & Landscaping . The Dawn Redwood is a fast growing bonsai tree that's important for cultivation as its critically endangered. Like our Redwoods they are a living fossil of an isolated "relic" species from a long time ago when there were vast forests of them. Redwood Services was incorporated in 2004 owned by Sal Alvarado today is regionally a construction, and maintenance firm serving both residential and commercial properties. Its native to Manchuria China, where the local villagers refer to it as Shui-sa, or "water fir." Dawn Redwood Bonsai Care About The Dawn Redwood Bonsai Tree. Arborists in our Redwood City office are committed to helping local residents and businesses maintain beautiful, healthy trees and shrubs.