This city is located on the east coast of the country by the New York Harbor, where the Hudson River drains into the New York Bay and on to the Atlantic Ocean. Visitors in 2018: 42.1 million Nearby Tybee Island offers vacationers a world-class beach. Because the city is located on the shores of Lake Michigan, it experiences strong gusts of wind, giving it the nickname “Windy City.” Visitors here can enjoy an excellent arts scene, unique architecture, and extensive shopping opportunities. This city is located on the east coast of the country by the New York Harbor, where the Hudson River drains into the New York Bay and on to the Atlantic Ocean. London. All maps, graphics, flags, photos and original descriptions © 2020, Most Visited Cities In Africa And Their Attractions, 10 Of The Most-Visited Canadian Cities And Why, The Most Visited National Parks in the United States, 10 Ways Anyone Can Climb The Mount Everest Base Camp Expedition, The Most Beautiful Countries In The World, How To Tell Which Animal Tourism Activities Are Ethical, And Which Are Exploitative, Ways In Which Tourism Contributes To Pollution. The city welcomed 59.7 visitors in the year 2016 alone. The Mall of America is chock full of family friendly activities, while nature lovers can enjoy hiking in Minnehaha Park. San Francisco is a consistent favorite among tourists both domestic and international, and in 2018 the city welcomed 25.8 million guests! Of course, the list of things to do and see in the cities is practically endless, and include impressive hotels, concerts and shows, and sporting events. Much of San Francisco's fame is due to its pastel Victorian homes, eclectic food scene, and easy-going artistic culture. A whopping 15.2 million people visited Nashville in 2018 — nearly 5% more than in 2017! New York is the most-visited city in the United States. The nation’s capital welcomed 22.8 million visitors last year — one million more than in 2017. For a little bit of nature while in the city, Longwood Gardens provides serenity on its 1,077 acres of artfully designed horticultural displays. This city is recognized around the world as an excellent spot for gambling, shopping, entertainment, nightlife, and dining. This is thanks in part to attractions like bustling Broadway, a popular setting for bachelor and bachelorette parties, and the vibrant music scene which now encompasses far more than the country music for which the city is most famous. San Diego is located in the southern part of California along the Pacific coastline. While many of these visitors are northerners escaping cold winters, America’s 5th largest city has lots more than year-long warmth going for it. Methodology: To put together our ranking of America’s most popular cities for tourists, we began by listing every major city or metropolitan area in the United States. According to Hawaii Visitor Statistics, of the nearly 10 million people who visited the Hawaiian Islands in 2018, just around 4.7 million spent at least one night in Honolulu. Disney World has various golf courses, hotels, camping, two water parks, and four theme parks: Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot Center, and Magic Kingdom. Visitors in 2018: 75 million The climate in this city is warm and sunny all year, making it an ideal vacation destination. Minneapolis and St. Paul have long been known for their microbrewery scene, which is a big draw for avid foodies. San Diego receives approximately 34.9 million tourists every year. Four million visitors made it up to the top of the Gateway Arch last year, while myriad others enjoyed St. Louis’s famed BBQ, attended a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game, or took a riverboat ride down the river. Visitors in 2018: 25.8 million Louisville, Kentucky has always been a popular place to be on the first Saturday in May, the day the Kentucky Derby is traditionally run at Churchill Downs. San Francisco is known for its cool maritime climate, which often throws off tourists, as well as for its steep hills. Visitors in 2018: 21.8 million Visitors in 2018: 22 million When people arrive, the first place they go is usually The Strip, a 2.5-mile long stretch lined with luxury hotels. Houston, Texas is another city which broke its record for number of visitors last year! With so many cities recording record numbers of visitors for 2018, we wanted to know just which cities are the most popular for tourists. Things to look out for if you find yourself in Washington D.C. include; the Washington Monument, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Lincoln Memorial, 17 incredible Smithsonian museums and of course the White House. Sure, St. Louis’s position smack dab in the middle of the country provides a pretty good reason as to why it’s America’s 17th most visited city, but that’s definitely not the only reason! Detroit is experiencing a renaissance, and that renaissance seems to be attracting tourists. There’s also a blossoming foodie scene, lots of parks, and a number of historical sites. Last year, the city recorded a whopping 29 million guests! The rest were day trippers from cruise ships and nearby cities. Most of these individuals visit Disneyland, the first amusement park by Walt Disney. Seattle is also a popular cruise port, with many people leaving from the city for cruises to Canada and Alaska. Rome is a popular tourist because of its culture and history. This city is a major urban center of the southeastern region of the country. Bursting with Southern charm, the coastal city of Savannah has become a popular place for families and people of all ages. The city also plays host to baseball’s Spring Training, an increasingly popular sporting event which draws baseball fans to Phoenix from all over the world. New York is the most-visited city in the United States. For individuals interested in works of art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art offers over 2 million pieces and is a wonderful place to spend the afternoon. While the global preferences of American travelers seem to shift with the wind each year, most international tourists have a good grasp on which cities they want to visit in the U.S. As the #1 destination for tourists in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle has a ton to offer. We then consulted each city’s tourism bureau for their official 2018 count. Visitors in 2018: 40.9 million These include: Interestingly, the number of domestic tourists increased dramatically last year, up 4.4% from 2017. Visitors in 2018: 35.8 million In 2018, the City of Angels welcomed an incredible 50 million guests! An historic downtown area has enough to offer foodies, history buffs, shoppers, and those intent on having a good time. For a shopping and unique dining experience, the Navy Pier is perfect. Honolulu is also a busy cruise ship port, and a common destination for conferences and other business-related events. London, the English capital, attracks 15.5% of Americans. Raking in an approximate 19.8 million visitors in 2018, Austin is Texas’s 5th most visited city — though we have a feeling it will be climbing up the list in the near future! 2018 marked the sixth straight year Indianapolis experienced a rise in tourism. Much of that has to do with the city’s efforts to lure in conventions and other sports- and business-related events.