Here are a few items that I came up with. Maybe a gift card to Barnes and Noble. So glad you are planning one!! Each person has a week to plan and make their dish, bring it to the party and we all decide who made it best. Awesome. By Divine Caballero, RPm. And if you want to spice things up some more, I've included several themes you might try on for size after the sample menu. We have done one in the past, but I would love new ideas. So, like two people will have the appatizer list (ie, bacon, french bread, peanut butter, whatever), two will have the entrée basket list, and two will have the dessert basket list. Sorry e-mail is Let's think spaghetti.... Yummmm, but we can come up with some pretty disgusting names!! I hope you have the best of times! I may use some of them. Plain paper is fine, if you're more comfortable with that. Sweetsusieg (author) from Michigan on February 04, 2012: LOL - Stinkers!! It was inspired by Iron Cupcake: Earth, which is also no longer in operation. Look at a food item, what does it remind you of? Within each team the working relationships, i.e. Sweetsusieg (author) from Michigan on May 12, 2015: Sweetsusieg (author) from Michigan on November 22, 2013: I'm not sure what you need. I believe #3 cocktail, #4 is a fork, #5 is a potato, #6 Jalapeno poppers, #7 Sugar and that's about the extent of my guesses. We are going to try a mystery breakfast this weekend, any ideas would be helpful. Prizes for the winners! For Carnivores. I particularly enjoyed "just passing through" corn... tooo funny!! "Narcissist Rap" - Ham sandwiches. As far as Christmas themed menu. Fill Your Heart Edible Memories from USA on July 26, 2011: What a fun idea! Any ideas for a groom's dinner featuring hot Ham sandwiches, shrimp, veggie tray, cheese and crackers and summer sausage. Would LOVE to have you and Tom attend one!! Above all - have fun with it. I'm helping to host a Christmas Mystery Dinner for 11 people. For instance 'Volley Ball' might be something like meatballs. Between July 2010 and June 2011 I hosted a monthly cupcake competition called the Mystery Box Cupcake Challenge. Within each team the working relationships, i.e. I am thinking of doing a Christmas themed party and need menu ideas. I'm planning on having a pre-thanksgiving mystery dinner. Sweetsusieg (author) from Michigan on November 17, 2012: I am having a New Years Mystery Dinner. GREAT ideas! 15/11/2013 . Whatever you do, don’t forget to have them order their utensils. :(. Once the guests name the theme, then they may have to guess the author. This Shark Tank-famous brand focuses on quality and supporting small farmers. The scope of your dinner can be bound only by the limits of your imagination! Teams will have to work together to plan and design their 5 course meal by utilizing the random ingredients in the mystery box. Stuffed mushrooms - (baby Portabellas) could be called "Full Mangers". Thanks for all the ideas. Sweetsusieg (author) from Michigan on October 06, 2011: It's on it's way!! I would love your help with coming up with names for appetizers, I have a bookclub and want to do all appts for the meeting. Loved your ideas. Shop Now. I think I might have a hard time coming up with creative pseudonyms for dishes though. Sweetsusieg (author) from Michigan on December 18, 2012: My ideas are on the way. Thanks for more tips, as I'm now planning one for my family. I told him the area he was going to looked like a plate of spaghetti. Sweetsusieg (author) from Michigan on May 16, 2013: I would love to have a copy of your menu and use it for my Girl Scout troop. rankryst72 - Thanks. Mystery Basket Challenge, a fun, engaging cooking experience Here are a few pics from previous events: This is a 2-hour food competition and mingling event. "). I'll zip out an e-mail to you! collaborations, are immediate: ideas exchanged and decisions […] No one says you have to have a theme for your dinner either. Mystery Box Challenge #1 Welcome to the first mystery box challenge. You have inspired me, and i will try a mystery menu next time we invite our friends for dinner My husband is a chef, so he will ensure that the food tastes good, and now you have given me an important task as well! Photo credit: Divine Caballero. And who says it has to be dinner food? hehehe. They have all tasted my cooking so I have gained their trust in that area. Sweetsusieg (author) from Michigan on March 13, 2018: Are you referring to names for those foods? Chopped is a television show on the Food Network where chefs compete and turn baskets of mystery ingredients into a three-course meal. It is great fun!! We will chose what we consider the best, and the winner will join our Mystery Chef Hall of Fame. Dusty Snoke from Chattanooga, TN on January 30, 2011: That sounds like so much fun. Peas and Carrot Sticks = Sticks and Stones, Angel Food Cake With Chocolate Syrup = Tilted Halo, The Wizard of Oz = Apples (Remember the scene where Dorothy tries to eat one, and they get thrown at her? I teach a culinary chemistry course at the University of Utah with Dr. Holly Sebahar. But now I've lost my menu and could really use a copy of yours to get me started. rankryst72 from Orlando on January 27, 2011: This is some hungry information Sweetsusieg! I have a slight advantage in my circle of friends. Mystery Basket Challenge, a fun, engaging cooking experience Here are a few pics from previous events: This is a 2-hour food competition and mingling event. Give it a whirl! I saw a mystery dinner with spaghetti but I misplaced it. Sweetsusieg (author) from Michigan on May 15, 2013: Very interestingand insightful article. I'll need an email address to send it to though. I am hosting our Sunday School Christmas party and would LOVE some menu ideas!! I was just wondering if you could help me out with some Christmas names for some of these foods? Sweetsusieg (author) from Michigan on August 30, 2011: Thanks!! This years final involved a This team building experience is very quick, and engaging, making fast decisions, creating a product (appetizers). Because you eat chicken legs with your hands like a "barbarian. You just take the food - then think of an association with the name of the food - then create a new name for it. Any suggestions are welcome. Sweetsusieg (author) from Michigan on July 27, 2011: I would LOVE to help!! Reply. Sweetsusieg (author) from Michigan on January 27, 2011: Oh man!! We creating this class over 10 years and have had so much fun teaching the class. I have done these before, but love to find some new names, that is my weakness trying to come up with names. Best wishes and I'm sure no matter what you decide I'm sure it will be great!! This team building experience is very quick, and engaging, making fast decisions, creating a product (appetizers). Thank you but mmm I have been part of a dinner where these clues were used and those answers do not into what I remember. Can't email you since I can't seem to see your address here anywhere :(. If your grand prize mystery is Elvis, then a CD of his greatest hits would be a great prize indeed! on October 19, 2011: I love your ideas. Moink delivers humanely raised meat from family farmers right to your door. I could never be that creative. I attended one years ago and then hosted a few on my own and all were a success! Working on the different set of ingredients, the teams must put their own creative spin on the courses, with our chef judging the teams on teamwork, taste, food plating, hygiene and creativity. If I went with a Christmas theme I might use something like "Rudolph's red nose" - That could be cherries... Am planning one for Christmas. This challenge post is inspired by the Australian MasterChef TV program where they challenge the contestants to come up with a special dish using the ingredients in their mystery box. "Roots and stems" - Veggie Tray. My husband is a truck driver and one time he called for directions. Do you have one? This is not just a cooking class. You'll have to let me know how it goes. We don’t expect you to actually make it (though you can try if you wish), just describe what you think you would do in a comment below. They said they wanted to maybe do it at church, I think they just wanted to take them home to study!! Sweetsusieg (author) from Michigan on January 28, 2011: Absolutely!! If your people are move buffs, throw some movie titles into the mix. Are your attendees musically inclined? Could you please send me multiple menus so I can pick and choose items to suit our guest list? They are part of the menu as well. Each food item served might be a book title, or each food item's name (or part of it) might be in the book's title. You only need good food and great friends to have a spectacular time. ), Conan the Barbarian = Chicken legs… (Why? "Dragon's Breath on the Ritz" - cheese and crackers. Dave Mathews from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA on January 28, 2011: As a man who is into the culinary scene and who loves to experiment with food as most chefs amateur or professional love to do, to learn how to intensify flavours of food, I think your little game would be great fun to introduce to the culinary experts so called.