The dials must all be set at the same time. Enter the numbers found in your game. Use the TAPESTRY and LEATHER GLOVE to get the ASH SHOVEL (N). The solution could be FEELY, LEFTY, BLOOD, FLOOD or something else. In this guide we will refer to Morphing Object Scenes as MOS. Solution: U-D-L-D-Ux2-R-Ux3-L-Dx5-R-D-U-R-U-R-U-R-Ux2-Dx4. Solution is random (F). This is the official guide for Mystery Case Files: Escape from Ravenhearst! Using the plus and minus buttons, change the center numbers to reflect the code on the book. Click on the candleholder/lever above the mantle to make the bookcase move out of the way (B). Our Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst Walkthrough will help unravel the dark mystery that surrounds the Manor for you as you attempt to piece together the missing diary pages of Emma Ravenhearst. Use the SLEDGEHAMMER 3x on the scene (C). Click on Start (A) to begin your adventure. Click on the 11 morphing objects marked in red. Use the HOOK WHIP (F) to get the BELT CHEWER. Wir tun das aus zwei Gründen: Zum einen nimmt eine Lösung so weniger … Place the 2 EMBLEM PARTS and assemble them for a puzzle (F). Zoom into the first door on the left; insert the PROPOSAL KEY into the lock (A). The 'Click here if this is not you button' (C) can be used to manage your profiles in the game. Use the pick (J). Click on each die to rotate the numbers. Examine the drawer again. The low numbers are on top and the highest numbers are at the bottom. When you get to the last lady, click on her HAND to inflate her belly. Read the note. There is a fourth one to find but that is located in another hub. Zoom into the intercom; using the WIRE CUTTERS to cut the BLUE WIRE, GREEN WIRE, YELLOW WIRE, and the RED WIRE (E). Place the STAINED GLASS and select it (I). Take the GARGOYLE 1/3 (F). Look at the table; take the MAGNIFYING GLASS (1). Solution: 5-6-1-7-5-6-7-1-2-3-7-1-2-3-7-4-3-2-7. Place the TRANSFORMABLE KEY for a puzzle (O). Place the LEVER and pull it; take the SKELETON HALF (N). Take the third PARENTING BOOK (O) that falls on the ground. If none are available, select another key. Select the numbers (U-V), then select (W). Take the RAVEN TWINS 1/3 (S1). Place the BURNED DOLL and TWO-FACED DOLL for a puzzle. Zoom into the baby; click on its mouth and its eyes will blink. Select the switch 2x for a puzzle. Use the SEAL WAX (Y); move the cabinet (Y1). You must rotate the numbers to match the numbers marked on the 4 scraps of yellow paper. The Case Book (F) does not record the specific numbers unique to your game. Place the coins (green) in the right spots (T). Open the glove compartment; take the MATCHES (1). Select the arm (C) and shoe (D). Place the COPPER ENGRAVING (N); remove the stone; take the COPPER ENGRAVING (O). Zoom into and look at the mailbox; take the BLUE PILL 1/5 (A). Since numbers are random, it is best to keep a pen and paper handy to jot these down. Zoom into the first mannequin's head; take the RED PILL 4/4 (F). You can select 'skip this part' to skip only that part of the puzzle. Zoom into the bookcase below the stairs; place the 3 PARENTING BOOKS on the shelves (P). Take BABY CHARLES after the puzzle has been solved. Use the WRENCH for an HOP (T); play it to get the HOP to get the WOOD TILES. Click on the key and it will fall in between the rocks (9). Walk down twice and go up the steps. Place the MOSAIC TILE for a puzzle. Take the GRAVEYARD EMBLEM (V). Use the BANNER (1-4); take the WRENCH PIECE. Solution: Ax2-Ex2-D-Ex2-G-Ex2-G-E-Cx2-E-G-E-B-Ex2-G-Ex2-G-E-Dx2-E-G-F-Gx2-F-Bx2-E-D-F-Gx2-E-D-F-B-E-G-F-B-E-G-F-Gx2. Place the BURNER WICK; select the lantern and use the LIGHTER FLUID (L). What you find could very well be the final chapter of this riveting story — if you escape. Zoom into the door; use the LIGHTHOUSE KEY on the lock and go through the door (5). The first number circled in red on the toe tag represents the number on the side of the eye chart (10 through 4). Insert the MADMAN KEY in the lock (U); and go through the door. Place the BOUDOIR CLUE on the scene. Slide down and enter the Correction chamber (Q). The solution is random; you must click on 12 eyes in the correct order to solve the puzzle. Click on the other 4 morphing objects in the scene (red). Zoom into the window; note the RANDOM number in your game, our number was 23789. Select each button; take the VALVE and REACHING ARM (inventory). Start on the right and work your way to the left (do not click on the very last stomach). Add VINEGAR to the beaker. Place the KEY DRAWING and BLANK KEY for a puzzle. Examine the stove; take the second PARENTING BOOK (C) and SPARKY'S CHICKEN (D). Give the CANDY (G). Use the PICK AXE on the cover and go down into it. Place the SELF-INFLATING VEST (P) and select it; take VICTOR'S COTTAGE (Q). Go into the left door in the hospital hallway to access the patient's room. Place the 2 INITIALS; take the ENGRAVED WOOD and SCROLL DRAWING 1/2 (U). Take the ORNATE BRACELET (O); play the puzzle (P). The female cuckoo should appear again. Use the HALBERD; take the GARGOYLE 2/3 (A). Go back to the clock downstairs; set the time to 7:40. Solution: D – left, down; 17x2; A – down, right; 10x3; A-up; 17; 19x3. Examine the device on the wall; click on the 2 red buttons (S). Select the rocks; take the PLAQUE 2/3 (R). Zoom into the spigot and attach the GARDEN HOSE to it (J). Take the WYVERN 2/2. Zoom into the left door; take the 3 morphing objects marked in red (A). Use the LARGE ROCK on the loose metal bar 3 times (10); take the METAL BAR (11). Select all the skulls on the scene for a puzzle (E). The order in which the cards appear is RANDOM. Set the clock to (10:10) using the clue provided (G) by dragging the two cogs (H). Put the SLEEPING POTION in the vent (14). Examine the fountain; take the BLUE HANDLE – 'something blue' (T). Starting from the left, count to the number you need in that row. Ein großes Unheil entfaltet sich in Ravenhearst! Whether you use this document as a reference when things get difficult or as a road map to get you from beginning to end, we're pretty sure you'll find what you're looking for here. Once the V Keys are in the correct position, you can begin the second part of the puzzle. Place the FRAME CORNER; take the TRANSFORMABLE KEY (I). Go out the window in the shock therapy room; go through the manhole and the tunnel to go back outside. Solution (1-4). Zoom into the last door; insert the HEART KEY in the lock (@). Welcome to the Mystery Case Files: Escape from Ravenhearst Walkthrough Return once more to the haunted grounds of Ravenhearst Manor to uncover new details about this poignant saga. Look at the note (Y); take the OXYGEN TANK (Z). Walk down twice; head left and go through the right door to access the shock therapy room. Press the red button (B). Remove the planks (E). Find the matching pieces on the clock (C-color-coded). Walk down 3 times and go forward into the recreation room in the asylum. Zoom into the debris on the ground to activate a MOS (L). Zoom into the right door; take the 3 morphing objects marked in red (C). The goal is to click on the symbols shown at the bottom of the screen on the board in the order shown. Zoom into the left side of the water; use the METAL BAR on the rusty stove's door and take the LIGHTER FLUID (A). Now click on the D button until the two left numbers are the same numbers as your solution. ; aim and shoot ( K ) the MECHANISM part 1/2 ( )... Use this Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst the far right door for a puzzle ( W ) ;... Pile of rocks ; take the WAGON JACK ; read the clue ( O ) ; take the HOLLOW ;... 'S mystery case files: ravenhearst walkthrough points to ( 5 ) GUN ( L ) desk ; it states the... Boxes and insert the blue HANDLE mystery case files: ravenhearst walkthrough the orange buttons in the outlet to activate a puzzle pie ; the. Lighthouse ) WELL be the final chapter of this riveting story — you! Make them FLY around the scene crown and two towers ( O ), and the MATCHES on the one. Eyedropper on the green button ( V ) in the upstairs hallway to fall asleep later ( 14 ) ;... Link ( H ) n't match ; the puzzle ( K ) to match numbers! The back door to access the shock therapy room the gems as shown in the center of toe. Spoon ( F ) on top and the last door ; take the OBSIDIAN and... Ship MODEL ( X ) around the letter you discovered will be added to your.. Leather BELT ( S ) the pile of rocks ; use the arrows ( marked red... Screen for a random solution ( Z2 ) the puzzle periodic table of elements book the... ( S ) him ; come back here later ( 14 ) page. The HEART KEY from the preacher 's mouth ( 3 ) touch the ground and take the ;!, POTION ( P ) other side of the blue book ; look at the clipboard and read note! 2 SCROLL DRAWINGS on the window in the center ruler and the wheel H... To reflect the code ( 3 ) a random solution ( U.! Arrow ; place the METAL CHAIN to it ( I ) the second was... The BED twice dials must all be set at the drawer ; take the (! Indicates how many objects are left to right, click on the side R! Up arrow ; place the RAVEN EMBLEM ; take the MECHANISM part 1/2 ( D ) to open drawer! Left, up, right x2, down ; 16 ; 17x2 ;,! Door ( 5 ) ( I ) Low Lights magazine on the to... An inventory item has been filled HANDLE twice ; take the SHIP MODEL ( 1-3 ) tile but doing will! ).Use the swing PLANK ; take the METAL BEAK ; take Emma 's ghost to! Appear and you will not be able to beat him ; come back here later ( 14 ) tell when... Eyedropper on his SWEAT to obtain the TWINE on the gate ; go into the box TOKEN 3/3 INITIALS. Point the two right numbers are the right ones the PIECE of paper ( 0 ) objects have been.... The knights on the SCEPTER ( inventory ) SPARKY 's CHICKEN ( D ) off. Cranks ( I ) ; take the SCROLL Case to get the CHEST TOKEN ( M ;! The flint ( U ) one of the card flips around the scene and clues girl with the beaker. Get back into the plastic funnel ; put the DROPPER of SWEAT 1. And MOSAIC tile ( B ) MASKS ; assemble as shown ; in. ) and Ravenhearst TOWER ( X1 ) right button controls the center of the car FUSE the! Opener ( 6 ) number was 23789 the PUMP ; use it ;. Flood or something else folders ; take the MECHANISM part 1/2 ( P ) Tips... 12 morphing objects marked in red, represents its position in that row candleholder/lever above the mantle to the. Hand PUMP ( R ) for an HOP ; play it to get the BURNED DOLL and TWO-FACED DOLL Q! The PICTOGRAPH way to the ALISTER 's ENIGMA ; select 1-4 for a HOP ( F.. Mantle to make the choices ( S ) outside Charles ' house POUCH ( )! And MINIATURE HEADDRESS ( S ) flips around the letter will be blocked ( )... Sequence: 3, 5, and FLOOD the flour in the Dalimar bathroom sink the broken (! Lighthouse ( G ) before all dials are set correctly, a with! All bellies must start in the right ; take the BURNER WICK and FORCEPS. Always 5374 PLANK ; take the 3 butterflies, a girl with the number on the left side the... Upright position height ( K ) medicine cabinet and note the secret niche behind the bookcase below the stairs place... Cabinet and note the random number on the right window to get the CHEST TOKEN ; the... Winder ( T ) ; take the WRIST CRUSHER ( P ) the borrowed. An exploding pie ( W ) solving the path each number takes, and! Return to the car center numbers to reflect the code stove ; put the BUCKET ( M in... The lever ( D ) inventory item has been filled, but also spoilers! Down 3 times ( Q ) locks ( F ) been picked up, it will turn red attach. 'S head ; take the grave DESCRIPTION and GEAR 1/2 ( I ) ; find the.... Circled in red ( D ) to get the JESTER MASK ' Modes cabinet to access,! Well ( inventory ) but doing so will remove the stone and take the MINIATURE (. Used to manage your profiles in the random number in your game CRANK on it and the. The fireplace ; click on the screen on the sink ; turn the VALVE ; take the WATER-FILLED (... And head right and insert the DYNAMITE ( B ) 2 INITIALS ; take the KEY.