This weekend, the Cape May Bird Observatory is hosting two end-of-season prowls. Northern Owls Head South Three northern owl species – the great gray owl, boreal owl and northern hawk owl – irregularly appear in more southerly habitats during the winter. Spotted Eagle-owl (Bubo africanus) I had a great time in South Africa, which exceeded my expectations in both Western and Northern Cape. “New Jersey is a pretty good owl state,” says Don Freiday, director of birding programs at the center. Owls molt thousands of feathers every year, and they wind up everywhere. And poop happens. Cape Eagle Owl Bubo capensis. The Northern Cape In South Africa plays host to some spectacular bird species and this is always delightful to hear, especially if you are a birder or bird watcher. Northern White-faced Owl Ptilopsis leucotis. Greyish Eagle Owl Bubo cinerascens. It is a small owl, approximately eight inches long, with a large head, large yellow eyes, and no ear tufts. Southern White-faced Owl Ptilopsis granti. Spotted Eagle Owl Bubo africanus. A lot. Genus: Bubo (Snowy, Horned & Eagle Owls) Pharaoh Eagle Owl Bubo ascalaphus. The Northern saw-whet owl is on of the most common forest owls in Oregon, but like most other owls, it is more often heard than seen. The birds like the Coursers, Sparrowlarks, Larks and Sandgrouse make the Northern Cape a prime … In addition to "regular" poop (like most birds), owls also empty out the ceca at the end of their intestines about once a day. The Powerful Owl is the largest owl species in Australia with males reaching weights of up to 2.2 kg and standing 65 cm tall. Fraser's Eagle Owl … Owls throw up pellets of fur and bones wherever they happen to be at the time. The Powerful Owl is one of the few Australian owls with a standardized “whoo-hoo” call which, is most often heard during winter months when breeding occurs.