Perfect for what we are doing. As a survival nut, I am enamored with the idea of food preservation and living like a neanderthal, so this was a great project to take on. Trouble is, you don’t always have the time to start a fire and cook up something. The pork belly will grind more easily if it’s partially frozen. Use the meat grinder and stuffing tube to fill the sausage casings. In a mortar and pestle or spice grinder, grind the red pepper flakes, mustard seed, fennel and anise into a powder. Do you have anything for jamon serrano? Bake at 350F for 50-60 minutes, check the temperature with a meat thermometer. USDA rules now require that all jerky be pre-cooked to 180F prior to smoking. 11 years ago Email us and let us know! Stuff the casings, being careful not to stuff too tightly. This is definetely a two person job, especially if you are using the hand-cranked grinder. on Step 9. on Introduction. *Plug for my favorite model: There are a million different smokers on the market, but Luhr-Jensen makes by far the best I have ever found. Share it with us! Have a recipe you would like to suggest as a feature? In general, if you're not hanging the meat for months, use Prague #1. After two hours, turn the temperature up to 180 degrees. You have to let it stand in the fridge overnight before baking. If this process works well, I will repeat it with venison, pork, beef, and mixtures thereof. Step 3: Chop Meat. This meat is pork. I'm sure that there are other dry cure recipes out there, but according to what I read, this requires a special ham and rather specific conditions (temperature, humidity, airflow) and most likely more than just  salt in the dry cure rub that is mentioned in the article I have sited here. If it were fresh sausage (that is, no cure added), then I agree eat or freeze promptly, but cured sausage should last longer than a week--especially refrigerated. Also, I wanted to use my favorite cooking implement, the Luhr-Jensen Big Chief Smoker. Play it safe, better to overdo it than to make someone sick. For that matter, nothing says you have to use beef. 10 years ago Using a mortar and pestle like I did, or a coffee grinder, or other crushing tool, crush the anise and fennel seeds. They are all electric, which is the best suited for this process. The ground meat will chop and grind easier if it is partly frozen beforehand. Lubricate the stuffing horn with olive oil, and slide as much of the casing up on it as you can. Prague #1 is salt with Nitrite; Prague #2 is salt with a smaller amount of Nitrite and a dose of Nitrate. Delicious home made pepperoni sticks that are easy enough to make at home. Use the tamper to push the meat inside. Good, but if you are going for the traditional taste, I recommend adding some pork. Try this recipe. Close up the very end of the casing by tying a knot or using some twine. Cover the bowl and refrigerate for four days. Eat within one week or freeze for later consumption. One goes into bacon and the other goes into sausage because of the cooking/curing method involved as I recall. Recipes / Meat. I found some information here. Now I want kill some thing and put it in my pipe and SMOKE IT!! Since I had to make elk jerky for the grandkids, I figured why not have a go at some pepperoni sticks for them. Recipes; POPULAR; THANKSGIVING; Search; Saves; Sign In; Profile Add a Recipe User Settings Log Out. Home > Recipes > Free Sausage Recipes > Pepperoni Recipe - Makes 10 lbs. Even organ meats are not off-limits. Allow to cool then refrigerate for 2 days. Don't use too much filler, like oat meal or bread crumbs or when you cook the sausage it will split on you because it will swell when cooked. Spread the mixture out in a large pan, cover loosely with waxed paper, and cure in the refrigerator for 24 hours. Mix all the dry seasonings together in a dish. Mix the meats together with the salt, sugar, cayenne, pepper, paprika, anise seed, garlic, red wine, ascorbic acid, and saltpeter in a large bowl. If you do get air bubbles, don't worry, they should go away eventually. I chose olive oil. They can harbor bacteria. If you have ever made balloon animals, you'll get the idea. Obviously you need to wash your hands well, and make sure that everything is sparkling clean. Be careful and protect yourself. A good friend died from complications after ingesting home made jerky and I quickly became a convert. Otherwise, air will fill the end. The goal is sausage that is about 20% fat. After soaking, run warm water through the casings to rinse any salt from the inside of the casing. on Introduction. This quick-and-easy method only takes a couple of days, and most of that is passive resting in the refrigerator. For the necessary fat content to yield the familiar pepperoni texture, use cubed pork belly that has been run through the large plate on your Magic Chef Grinder. If you don't have a smoker, you can skip this step. I used the Hi Country Pepperoni Snack Stick seasoning and mixed in the ECA just prior to stuffing 21mm casings (because the smaller stuffing tube is on back ordered until mid April). Pepperoni. Add the spice and cure mixture to the ground meat. Using your meat grinder, grind the meat. Grind the pork and beef through the coarse disk separately. The goal is to raise the temperature in the center of the sausage to 160 degrees F. You will want to replace the burned up chips as soon as they quit smoking, since the dryer the sausages get, the less the smoke will penetrate the meat. 8 years ago Smoke flavor can be gained by adding 2 tsp liquid smoke to the mixture in step 5. Because this is meant to be eaten raw as well, all necessary disclaimers are in place "don't try this at home", "enter at your own risk", "do not use near fire or flame" yada yada yada...  Mostly, use common sense. I'm confused, please help as I want to understand what's going on since I want to make some cured sausage, but am 'daunted' by the danger and benefits of curing. on Introduction. 2 teaspoons fennel seed, slightly crushed. Tie a knot in the end of the casing to close it, and try to work any air out of the end. However, this will not provide the added preservation benefits smoking will. You say to eat within a week or freeze...then why did you add the "tender quick" (meat cure)? The end result was pepperoni that had a very hamburgery taste. 11 years ago When I attempt this with venison, I'll update this page.