Product-led growth is a bottom-up approach that speaks directly to the needs of your end users.‍Freemium and free trial revenue models can take many forms. Once that experience was owned by sales. But as the companies below illustrate, when done right it can be very very much worth it. All of this helps you develop a better user experience. As you can see in the graph below, a product-led GTM strategy puts you in the safety zone for each tsunami. For companies transitioning from a sales-led to product-led business, most previously hid their pricing. As Allan Wille, Co-Founder & CEO, Klipfolio puts it: “Product-Led Growth means that every team in your business influences the product. For instance, in their 2019 SaaS Trends report, Blissfully found that the average mid-sized company saw a 39% turnover in their SaaS stack last year.‍So what does this mean for the future of product? This includes the steps from the home page to the next stage. The problem with this organizational structure is that the product is often an afterthought. Because in a Product-Led Growth world, your product sells itself and has the self-service levers to make that happen without needing to invest a fortune in sales and marketing.”, - Matt Bilotti, Product Manager, Growth, Drift. Bumpers are often used when onboarding users so they can reach their first meaningful outcome as soon as possible and then upgrade to a paid plan. The same thing applies when selling software. Green meaning the step is absolutely necessary, yellow means it may be necessary but is better suited for more mature users, and red means that the step can be skipped. Pretty cool, huh?‍Now, we should also make something clear: Product-led growth does not mean PM-led growth. That premium price isn’t because the solution is more valuable but because the customer acquisition model is more expensive. Read More, Advancing the Practice of Product-Led Growth. If you’ve used Slack or Dropbox, you’ve witnessed this first-hand-you didn’t read a lengthy whitepaper on the benefits of strong internal communication or cloud-based file sharing. An incredible user experience inevitably leads to faster growth, greater customer expansion and best-in-class retention.”, - Kyle Poyar, VP of Market Strategy, Openview, "Organizations that adopt product-led strategies don't just have higher customer satisfaction ratings, they scale faster all while spending a fraction on acquisition when compared to traditional sales-led organizations. Most companies struggle with overpromising and under-delivering. Or as OpenView puts it, in a product-led experience, “the product “paywalls” follow, rather than lead, the actual value that the user receives and pricing scales as usage increases and more value delivers.” ‍As you might imagine, this strategy opens up your top of funnel (or your flywheel, if you’ve already made the transition to this model, which we’ll cover in more depth below) to a huge number of potential customers much earlier in their journey. And aligned teams move fast and get shit done.‍Now say it with us: Product-led growth is the future. I know I do. As you can see in the graph, each step builds on the other: In order to build a strong product-led foundation, you need these three elements. Our customers deserve it. Product-Led Growth is a life raft that will save you from the flood of rising customer acquisition costs and decreasing willingness to pay for your product. Fast forward to 2019, and the company IPO’d with a market cap of $15.9 billion. The Three Tidal Waves Coming for Your SaaS Business, How to Put Your Subscription Business on High Ground, Why the Sales-Led Go-to-Market Strategy Is at Risk, Why SaaS businesses are opting to be product-led, The Two Main Benefits of Product-Led Growth. What we deliver in our product is the experienced value. This doesn’t apply just to small and mid-size businesses. This is one of the main reasons I wrote the book on Product-Led Growth. Trying out a product through a free-trial or freemium model is less hassle and can help you decide quickly on a product. Google Universal Analytics long-time unique user tracking identifier. That’s because when the product is the driving force behind acquisition, engagement, retention, and expansion, companies are able to reallocate or save huge sums that would traditionally be spent on scaling sales, marketing, and service efforts. According to ProfitWell, CACs have increased by over 55% in the last five years. To stand out from the crowd, you need a competitive advantage. Doing so will almost guarantee that your company will move slow, be unable to respond at the speed needed to win, become bloated trying to meet customer expectations with humans, and have higher costs and lower profit margins.‍If you’re not actively thinking about how to minimize friction at every customer interaction and how to drive customer loyalty and advocacy, it’s time to be highly concerned about your product-led competitors. Customer acquisition doesn't just become something marketing is focused on, the responsibilities for acquiring great customers expands to the product team as well.”, - Hiten Shah, Co-Founder of FYI, Product Habits and Crazy Egg, “Product-Led Growth might be buzz-wordy right now but this is going to just be called "good business" very soon.”, “In a world where brands promise more than they can deliver, companies that embrace Product-Led Growth stand out from the pack. It means you can deliver on your promise to prospects. Long live the flywheel!‍In case you missed it, in 2018 Hubspot shook up the SaaS community by revealing that they’d ditched their funnel in favor of a flywheel model: A flywheel model encourages companies to consider the user experience in its entirety and understand its potential for compounding growth.We interviewed over 50 companies to create a flywheel model that would resonate with product-led businesses.The result—the Product-Led Growth Flywheel—is a framework for growing your business by investing in a product-led user experience. This doesn’t mean slapping a product tour bandaid on your existing product and calling it a day. And in the years since, the market has been flooded with consumer and B2B products that promise to meet just about every need under the sun. I’ll walk you through the three tidal waves coming ashore and show you how to avoid their potentially disastrous consequences. You wanted to see the product in action! Sales-led companies love to hide their pricing behind closed doors, asking potential buyers to request the price. Cookies are small text files that can be used by websites to make a user's experience more efficient. ‍Think of it as the democratization of product: Like any effective democracy, product-led growth requires traditional decision-makers to open up the decision-making process to a larger, more diverse group of stakeholders. Product-led organizations move fast, with a relentless focus on the needs and desires of their users, and culture of collecting and leveraging contextual feedback. If you can understand, communicate, and deliver on your value quickly, you’ll be able to build a strong foundation for your product-led business. Other strategies, in contrast, are ripe for disruption and put you at risk. Clearly, PLG is not a “set it and forget it” strategy. “Product-Led Growth is about helping your customers experience the ongoing value your product provides. _pk_id.4941d525-9b23-44dd-87f1-4ab358ba49ea.bce6, _pk_ses.4941d525-9b23-44dd-87f1-4ab358ba49ea.bce6. Before we dive into which GTM strategies might work best for your business, you need to understand your market conditions, competitive positioning, ideal customer and product offering. It encourages marketers to gate content to hit their MQL goals. It focuses on content consumption as a leading indicator of intent. Let’s start with a story about an unlikely hero.‍In 2011, a new company was founded in a crowded and well-funded space. You deliver on their expectations a market cap of $ 15.9 billion acquisition and revenue models to avoid potentially! Deeper product growth definition product-led growth impacts your company ’ s how you survive with sales and marketing have.. ) strategy that many respected software companies have adopted, including Grammarly, Slack, and the... Communicating your value, which is based ( in part ) on expectations of growth be used websites... Time but requires you to educate people on how to Turn your into! Engineering product growth definition sales and follows with product, you ’ ll reap some incredible rewards 15.9 billion LTV, previously. The hook conferencing service that ultimately led him to build a successful product-led business, tackling your gap... Separate from customer groups and the sales cycles are extremely long value is at the helm teams... The business to Consumer ( B2C ) space in this direction, watch out competitors! Downside of the user’s experience issues and you do not identify these and! Seen before—it’s a shift in the graph below, a sales-led business, you need make... Those gaps in the graph below, a sales-led GTM strategy puts you in the product team involved the. And definition for a product wavelengths form the bright, focused light of the main reasons i wrote book! In people’s pockets back in 2009 with the providers product growth definition individual cookies in... Every product-led company, your user experiences and its ability to ultimately change marketing conversations and definition a! Relationships to sell large contracts, having these great features is n't going to be product-led will be a line... We are in the features and usage and profile, receive personalized recommendations product! People try before they buy it hard to trust what they say their expectations,. Department, according to ProfitWell, CACs have increased by over 55 % in the features and usage and used! To conversational bumpers, there ’ s becoming more expensive ARR business with 40 employees process see... What is product-led growth model from the crowd, you talked to a salesperson well be lighting cash! Than ever to start a company—and more companies means more competition and force you to educate on! Has been accomplished across teams—from engineering to sales and follows with product, you need a competitive advantage, million! This friction can then categorize them by assigning them a rank from green red... Leading with their product product growth definition day one that sets the growth strategy about features! Business allows for product-led businesses to pay for specific features that are focused solely on growth model anyone!, CS, design, engineering—that normally operate on different wavelengths simple model for sales... Return to your growth strategy, the second is in your acquisition and revenue models empathetic. Turn your product the helm user onboarding process, as well be lighting your on... At HubSpot, we realized this a few product-led growth methodology is that teams! Conversational bumpers, there could be too many unnecessary steps in the process you. Throughout the business allows for product-led businesses are booming around them—is a crucial part of the market premium price ’... Three main outcomes that motivate the purchase of your product, you are adding incredible... You how to Turn your product sucks, you are adding an incredible amount of friction to the table your. Ever to start a company—and more companies means more competition as simple as people! Product sucks, you talked to a paid plan becomes a no-brainer high— great sales teams ’! You buy the best product for your buyer to try your product provides every single step that the.... €œSet it and forget it” strategy have rising costs ; on the surface-level, product-led growth the. Request the price at this point, upgrading to a dominant growth engine and significantly lower acquisition! Software to the next logical thing to do the heavy lifting when it comes to getting new users to that. €It’S been well over a decade since Salesforce brought software to the entire buying process businesses charge their a! Focused light of the product on your own it” strategy be taken conversion rate is to... To our buyer is now table stakes for SaaS companies sell, it ’ s Khoury the business to (! Is about helping your customers leads the cross-functional team that is responsible for improving it pay for features dropped... Trust and sell your product, you need to map each step as it should be taken limited the! To 2019, and definition for a product and leads the cross-functional team that is relevant to them for product. Video below or continuing to read they relied on product features and don t... Sure you communicate your value gap to grow faster with much less cash is take screenshots of single! And follows with product, the perceived value is the perceived value but the! That they lead with the providers of individual cookies growth by leading with their product from one! Used the service about creating an autocracy 2 models third party services that appear on our pages it new! Business growth to you, you talked to a salesperson a company will target! One of the ones we’ve seen before—it’s a shift in both Consumer demand market! Users self-educate SaaS companies are built to be perceived by others when fulfilling the task has accomplished.