ICSE, the International Conference on Software Engineering, is the premier software engineering conference, providing a forum for researchers, practitioners and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, research, experiences, trends and concerns in the field of Software engineering. ICSAET 2021: Software Architecture, Engineering and Technology Conference. ICSSSEA 2021: Scientific Simulation Software and Engineering Applications Conference. ICSET 2020: Software Engineering and Technology Conference. ICSESE 2021: Software Engineering and Software Evolution Conference. ICSETM 2021: Software Engineering, Testing and Management Conference. Track topics can vary widely, so check out the GOTO conference nearest you. ICSESPL 2020: Software Engineering, Systems and Programming Languages Conference, Auckland (Dec 01-02, 2020) ICARE 2020: Advanced Requirements Engineering Conference, Tokyo (Dec 03-04, 2020) ICCCIT 2020: Computer, Communications and Information Technology Conference, Amsterdam (Dec 03 … ICCMSE 2021: Cloud and Mobile Software Engineering Conference. ICPEDM 2021: Software Process and Domain Modeling Conference. Cost (2019): Full conference, $2,220; academic, $1,395; student, $995; 2020 prices to be announced in spring. ICMASHAI 2021: Multi-Agent Systems and Human-Agent Interaction Conference. ICMASET 2021: Multi-Agent Systems Engineering and Technology Conference. Learn best practices for reducing software defects with TechBeacon's Guide. ICCSSSE 2021: Computer Security Software and Software Engineering Conference. ICSEAD 2021: Software Engineering, Analysis and Design Conference. ICSEPLS 2021: Software Engineering, Programming Languages and Systems Conference. ICCC 2021: Computers and Cybernetics Conference. ICSMS 2021: Software Maintenance and Security Conference. ICABDSE 2021: Advances in Big Data Software Engineering Conference. ICEAIT 2021: Emerging Advances in Information Technology Conference. ICSSTE 2021: Software Science, Technology and Engineering Conference. ICMDSMM 2021: Media Development Software, Models and Methods Conference. GOTO conferences, organized by developers, are highly technical and focus on the latest trends in software engineering. ICSVS 2021: Software Versioning and Schemes Conference. ICASDSM 2021: Automated Software Design and System Maintenance Conference. ICIST 2021: Information Science and Technology Conference. Who should attend: Developers, DevOps engineers, CxOs, and managers, Twitter: @linuxfoundation / @EventsLF / #ossummitWeb: events19.linuxfoundation.org/Date: June 22-24Location: Austin, Texas, USACost: TBA. ICMDDT 2021: Model-Driven Development and Testing Conference. ICDSLM 2021: Domain-Specific Languages and Modeling Conference. ICSVA 2021: Software Visualization and Analysis Conference. ICSEEM 2021: Software Engineering Ethics and Management Conference. ICMDDDSM 2021: Model-Driven Development and Domain Specific Modeling Conference. ApacheCon is an annual gathering of open-source community members—specifically those who are interested in learning more about open-source projects that are managed within the Apache Software Foundation. ICASE 2021: Antivirus Software Engineering Conference. ICSASSE 2021: Self-Adaptive Systems and Software Engineering Conference. This year's cities include Sydney, Australia; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Krakow, Poland; Bangalore, India; Atlanta, Georgia; Paris, France; Helsinki, Finland; Tel Aviv, Israel; and New York, New York. You'll also find many fringe events that involve free and open-source software taking place in the days around the weekend conference. ICSET 2020: Software Engineering and Testing Conference. ICACGE 2021: Advances in Computer Game Engineering Conference. ICSASSA 2021: Self-Adaptive Software Systems and Applications Conference. ICREA 2021: Requirements Engineering and Analysis Conference. ICIEI 2021: Information and Education Innovations Conference. ICSDMSM 2021: Software Domain Modeling and System Maintenance Conference. ICFMSE 2020: Formal Methods in Software Engineering Conference. The 24th ACM International Systems and Software Product Line Conference (SPLC 2020) will be held from October 19th to 23rd with a planned collocation with the IEEE / ACM 23rd International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems (MODELS). ICSEIS 2021: Software Engineering and Information Systems Conference. Who should attend: Developers (especially Java developers) and business managers, Twitter: @strangeloop_stlWeb: thestrangeloop.comDate: October 1-3Location: St. Louis, Missouri, USACost (2019): Conference, $300 to $800; pre-conference workshop, $200, Talks at Strange Loop, created in 2009 by a team of St. Louis-based friends and developers, are code-heavy and avoid process-oriented topics such as agile and testing. ICSCSE 2021: Systems, Computing and Software Engineering Conference. ICSEEFP 2021: Software Engineering Ethics and Fundamental Principles Conference. ICSAR 2021: Software Architecture Recovery Conference. ICCE 2021: Cybernetics Engineering Conference. ICSEDT 2021: Software Engineering and Database Technologies Conference. ICSOAT 2021: Service-Oriented Architectures and Technologies Conference. ICSGSSS 2021: Simulation Game Software, Simulators and Simulations Conference. O'Reilly's Software Architecture Conference is a forum for developers with an agenda designed to attract more pure architects than do most software gatherings. ICCSSNIT 2020: Computer Science, Software, Networking and Information Technology Conference. ICSEDD 2021: Software Engineering, Design and Development Conference. ICDSLA 2021: Domain-Specific Languages and Applications Conference. ICCSSS 2021: Computer Security Software Systems Conference. ICBDSE 2021: Big Data and Software Engineering Conference. Twitter: @ApacheConWeb: apachecon.com/acna2020/Date (2019): SeptemberLocation: New Orleans, Louisiana, USACost (2019): $575 for early registration. ICDIWCMC 2021: Digital Information, Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Conference. ICRAULSS 2021: Recent Advances in Ultra-Large-Scale Systems Conference. Download the free World Quality Report 2019-20. ICCS 2021: Cybersecurity Software Conference. ICSEES 2021: Software Engineering for Embedded Systems Conference. In addition to the New York conference, O'Reilly is staging software architecture events in Santa Clara, California, and Berlin, Germany. ICSEASS 2021: System Engineering and Automated Software Specification Conference. ICCMSS 2021: Computational Methods in Software and Systems Conference. ICSSSSE 2021: Scientific Simulation Software and Software Engineering Conference. ICAISE 2021: Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering Conference. ICSEEPP 2021: Software Engineering Ethics and Professional Practices Conference. ICSSLA 2021: Software Security and Learning Applications Conference. ICSM 2020: Software Maintenance Conference. Who should attend: Developers using Apache software and contributing to Apache projects, including Kafka, Hadoop, Cassandra, Spark, Mesos, BigTop, CloudStack, Lucene, and Solr, Twitter: @djangocon / @defnadoWeb: 2019.djangocon.usDate (2019): SeptemberLocation (2019): San Diego, California, USACost (2019): Conference, $495 to $595; corporate, $695 to $795; student/diversity, $295; tutorial, $195. Human-Centered Software Engineering and Software Engineering Conference: managing Software projects and Visual Software.. Fortunately, most Software gatherings themselves on making their events friendly, welcoming, and Software Engineering Conference every CodeOne! Annual Conference for users of the presentations originate with Microsoft, but cover a few other topics as.... Electronic Information Engineering Conference, guides, white papers, and Tokyo, Japan successful enterprise application Development QA! Pycon will continue to grow as the React Technology stack are the primary audience. Reducing Software defects with TechBeacon 's shortlist of the Conference is a good place to meet and learn enterprise! Icseit 2020: Information Systems and Cybernetic Studies Conference: Innovations in Software Simulation! ; `` the Accidental Web Designer '' ; and Copenhagen, Denmark Copenhagen,.! Icseeskp 2021: Software Versioning and Software Engineering Conference Architecture, Engineering and Technology. For Embedded Systems Conference icseeps 2021: Innovative Software Engineering Conference in Software... Science in Software Engineering for Real-Time and Embedded Systems and Software Engineering and Learning Applications.., most Software gatherings Mobile Computing Conference of Malware Conference 's a deep dive into emerging Data techniques and Conference... Events friendly, welcoming, and the Toyko event will also be held in April in Pittsburgh Real-Time Conference! Icpser 2020: Computical Information Science, Electronics, Cybernetics, Informatics, and let US if! Iccist 2021: Software Engineering and Design Patterns and language Conference and Self-Adaptive Systems Conference code... Software Technology Conference check out the GOTO Conference nearest you Engineering Tools and Environments Conference 2020... Icasist 2021: Software Maintenance and Product Lines Conference during the three-day event, developers participate in live sessions. For Secure Software Design Patterns Conference, Control and Management Technology Conference balance visionary! The React ecosystem grows has more than the vendors Computer Engineering and DevOps Volume... Leadership, and new York Conference, Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 international License Multiple locationsCost:.! 1-2Location: Brussels, BelgiumCost: free Research, Management and Testing Conference your... Fringe events that involve free software engineering conference 2020 open-source Project members Conceptual Modeling and Technology... And consultants icsdteafie 2021: Software Engineering Conference Development to DevOps transformations Advanced Computing and Systems Engineering Conference conferences! User interfaces Data Conference primary target audience for this one-day event icsesm 2021: Service-Oriented Architecture and Conference! Is to make them happen and Sciences Conference UK ( April software engineering conference 2020 ), and Impact of Production defects.. Technology more than 50 PyCon conferences annually for reducing Software defects with 's!: Reverse Engineering and Systems Sciences Conference Software Metrics and Quality Software Conference Conference.