Healthy toddler meals can still taste delicious! By WRIGHTWOOD GIRL. This recipe is always a hit at parties. Get your kids excited about eating healthy greens by trying one of these 10 kid-friendly spinach and kale recipes! This pasta recipe incorporates the cheese your toddler will love, along with the veggies you can feel good about!… This recipe is VERY forgiving, so you can add or remove ingredients according to your taste! For my kids, adding crunch and cheese is the way to get them to eat spinach. ***** Over the past month or so, Lucas has definitely gotten to be much more picky when it comes to what he eats. I combined my two favorite recipes--artichoke chili dip and hot spinach dip--into this one recipe. Spinach Quiche Rating: Unrated 2008 Let me start by saying that I devised this recipe myself, and I just sort of add 'this and that.'