October 29 MAWLID AL-NABI (Also known as MILAD AL-NABI) • Islamic (Sunni) The observance of the birthday of Islam founder Prophet Muhammad, which is celebrated in Rabi' al-awwal, the third month in the Islamic calendar. Muharram / Islamic New year in 2021 is on the Tuesday, 10th of Aug (8/10/2021). This year holds high importance in Islam since this was the year … Islamic Calendar 2021: Islamic Calendar As Per History With the commencement of the Islamic New Year in 622 AD/CE, the Hijri Era began. Muharram / Islamic New year is on the 222th day of 2021. Islamic (muslim) holidays and festivals in 2021: the main theme of the website pages dailyevents.host Islamic Calendar 2021 and check Hijri dates with the list of holidays in 2021 Categories: calendar Tags: islamic calendar 2021 zoznam islamic finder calendar 2021 islamic jantri 2021 for marriage shaban 2021 urdu calendar 2021 … 2022 Calendar… Shi’a Muslims celebrate it five days later than Sunni … There are 143 days left in the year. 2021 Calendar: Ramadan: April 13 – May 12, 2021 Eid ul-Fitr: May 13, 2021 Hajj: July 17 – 21, 2021 Eid ul-Adha: July 20, 2021 Islamic New Year: August 9, 2021 (1443 A.H.*) Ashura: August 20, 2021 Mawlid an-Nabi (Prophet Muhammad’s birthday): October 19, 2021.