The Yamaha NP30 Portable Grand Piano is a compact, lightweight digital piano that delivers exceptional sound. So, which one is worth your money? 1. I love my Yamaha P-125. Would you consider the sound more important than the feel ? I’m a beginner and I’ve been looking for quite some times to reviews and videos about which digital piano I should get. 6.9K views View 3 Upvoters If Yamaha would have had the same ivory feel I would've went with it. Unfortunately, there is still a stereotype about Yamaha as the main manufacturer of keyboards, while Casio is considered a second-rate company in this industry. Casio Privia PX-350 vs Yamaha P-105 (external link) Kurzweil vs Yamaha. The one which sounds and feels best for you, is the one you take. It curious that more expensive Privias on display, while apparently having the same keybed, didn't have this problem, perhaps they have an extra strip of felt under the keys. Tried out a Casio PX-160, and Yamaha P-255 and Yamaha DGX-660 with headphones. If you plan to take the Trinity Electronic Keyboard Exam , the Yamaha PSR-EW300 can only be used up to the Grade 4 level , as the chord detection modes on the Yamaha EW300 do not include Finger-On-Bass, which the CTX-700 has. This come from extremely fine control of dynamics, pedaling, and layering of sounds from the resonances of the previously struck keys, areas where Roland beats Yamaha significantly. Best Overall -Yamaha PSR-EW300 SA 76-key Keyboard. I've been self-teaching myself piano on and off for a year, and while I wouldn't call myself "competent" I do have a grasp of the instrument and love playing it. TL:DR; Which of these two digital pianos are more likely to be the better quality instrument, or are there any better options in the $650-$750 range that come with a cabinet stand, bench and three pedal unit? Being one of the slimmest 88-key digital pianos, the PX-160 is only 11.5 inchesdeep. Yamaha and Casio both are the reputed brands in the market. So it will perfectly fit in a small space and can be even placed on a table. Top 10 Best Keyboard for Beginners Reviews . Thank you very much! Read this blog post if you’re looking for a great piano that has all the necessary features for a beginner and isn’t too heavy on pocket. 3 in G flat Major-Svetlana Smolina, Roland FP-30 vs Yamaha P-115 - Grand Piano sounds comparison [], Kawai ES110 Digital Piano Performance with Adam Berzowski. Yamaha may have the best sounding piano if you are just hitting individual notes loudly, but the dynamics and resonances just pales in comparison to the Roland and an acoustic grand. The Casio PX-S3000 BK Privia Keyboard is usually 40 euros more expensive than the Yamaha YDP-S34 B Arius, but the difference is so small that this can vary. Could others confirm/deny this, would this be something to worry about if I went with the Casio? The PX-S3000 is the world’s slimmest keyboard piano , and it looks super cool. Kraft Music and Guitar Center both have it for $729, but Kraft has a bundle with the stand, pedals, bench and headphones for $979. Reviewers were very positive about the action on the Korg but I've not tried them in person yet. 400 Tones a 77 fun Rhythms plus Pitch Bend Wheel; USB connects to Chordana Play app for lessons and more; 61 Full-Size Keys with Touch Response But there is a technical difference between the systems used by each of the keyboards. I went to Guitar Center. The first electronic vacuum cleaner appeared in 1908, and the first ai… It's my opinion that the PXS-3000 is definitely superior to the Yamaha P-125 and gets you closer to the Yamaha … But overall, comparing the two speaker systems, this round of the battle between the Roland FP-30 vs Yamaha P125, goes to the FP-30. It does come with a very good quality sustain pedal (which supports half press) though, definitely worth some $. Pianoworld's record of what people have paid for their digital keyboards Yes I like the yamaha sound noticeably better than the Casio sound, even though the Casio sound is fine. I'm looking for my first piano in this price range at the moment too. President's Day may bring some sales or it may not, but it is only a couple of weeks away. Yes I like the yamaha sound noticeably better than the Casio sound, even though the Casio sound is fine. I was able to try the 115 at Guitar Center and was fairly impressed, but did not get a chance to try the Casio (however, I've read glowing recommendations such as this one). But there is a technical difference between the systems used by each of the keyboards. Top 10 Best Keyboard for Beginners Reviews . The choice came down to the Yamaha YDP/CLP series vs the Kawai KDP/CN series. I liked the PX-160 touch, but the sounds were not that convincing as I expected, and also some keys were maiking noises (there were 3 PX-160s on display, all of them had this problem on different keys). Kraft also has a blurb that says "free shipping on orders $99 and over until Feb 3rd". But it works for me. We are no strangers to Yamaha brand obviously, which is one of the top brands of instruments and it is known for its decent quality in all of the aspects. From my research I did before I got mine, I would definitely prefer the Yamaha over the Casio. Unlike its predecessor, the control panel on the P-125 no longer has that concave curve. The instrument can truly be called as portable. I'm a big fan of Casio… I went through the same set of uncertainty. Yamaha PSR E-263 61-key Portable Beginner Keyboard. Thanks to the efforts of Thomas Edison, the light bulbwas popularized in 1879, after which electronics gradually became a mainstream commodity. At B&H the just-released Kawai ES110 is $899.99 for piano, stand, triple-pedal, bench and headphones. Both Casio and Yamaha offer a variety of digital pianos that have full keyboards, which is what you really should be looking for. “While this keyboard can’t duplicate the feel of a real piano, it comes very close. Digital pianos keep getting better and better, and with price points just under $600, it's hard to pass up instruments that are this stellar! question from a beginner: what's wrong with midi over USB? Both are solid beginner choices. Spend the extra money and you won't regret it as you will enjoy your playing all the more. Hoping to see a few of these over the weekend but I'm strictly a beginner (reached grade 5 around 20 years ago and haven't played since!) If you can get to a Guitar Center, you should be able to at least try one of the Yamahas and one of the Casios. Not going to help you make your decision, but along with these two within the same (UK) price range I'm also looking at: From listening to them through YouTube reviews I prefer the softer more delicate sound of the Kawai with the Roland in 2nd place. Three of them actually stand out: Yamaha, Casio, and Roland. are there any better options in the $650-$750 range that come with a cabinet stand, bench and three pedal unit? The Casio SA-46 32-Key Portable Keyboard is designed for children, with a compact size, small keys, and a fun, colorful design that will appeal to children of all ages.It is also fairly rugged, and can withstand some hard use, so it's a good option for even young children. So I started comparing a lot, and ultimately went for the Roland FP30. I think it is worth paying that little bit extra to ensure a quality instrument for the many years you'll use it. I suggest shopping around. Pianoworld's Guide to Buying a Digital Piano. Yamaha CP88. You might just to go to a store and try them. Yamaha Vs Casio, Read Features and Reviews. Casio Privia PX 130 Digital Pian. Tried out a Casio PX-160, and Yamaha P-255 and Yamaha DGX-660 with headphones.