Not quite convinced by sweet pancakes or want to mix it up? It is Pancake Day today, which presents us with a problem: how to tackle a food that we hardly ever eat. Savoury pancake recipes. 6 savoury pancakes for an epic Pancake Day By • February 8, 2016 • In Recipe Roundup , Special occasions Try something a little different this Pancake Day – ditch the French crêpes and give our favourite savoury versions from around the world a go. An eggless version of Scotch pancakes that can be used with savoury or sweet toppings ... Don't fret, these sweetcorn pancake canapés can be put together in under half an hour. Try out some savoury fillings and don't be afraid to experiment. Try a savoury pancake recipe this Shrove Tuesday. I’ve never made savoury pancakes (although I’ve made savoury waffles many times) so I’ll have to give these a try some time. Whatever the reason, if you’ve been looking for your next favorite pancake topping, this is the list for you, with ten things to put on pancakes that aren’t plain, old maple syrup. Our recipes, including cheesy pancakes with ham and buttermilk pancakes with avocado, means you can make Pancake Day an all-day celebration. Showing 1-12 of 28 recipes. Filter This Page Filter Clear All. Savory pancakes are perfect for kids: they're easy to make, totally customizable, and the familiar, friendly sight of pancakes usually appeals to even the pickiest of eaters. Or maybe you’re just feeling experimental and want to see what else you can put on pancakes. So creative! Also love the four different variations you suggested. As for CA, US and UK spelling, I read with interest because I struggle with that. Recipe here.